Friday, 24 August 2012

Fiji redefines tourism with Gerard Saliot

Fiji is not a very advanced land as far as global assets are concerned. The place is gradually opening up to the travel and tour industry but a major development was marked by Gerard Louis Saliot who recreated the face of Fiji on the travel and tour front.

Saliot is the CEO of Euro Asia group which is the primary body offering multiple services for the tourism and hospitality industry. As part of the project development plan Euro Asia works on resort development, hotel development and also golf, marine as well as residential estates.

Louis Gerard Saliot is the man who successfully executed the Natadola Marine Project in Fiji for the growth and development of people all across the land. Not only did Saliot mint a great earning source for the residents but he also re-established the presence of Fiji on the world map as an international tourist’s destination. A Fijian tourist could now savor the luxuries that only a great guest in Fiji would do at the time of experience to this cultural land.  The main aim of Saliot was to incorporate a part to the venture that could be well established on the land that Fiji is and nothing materialistic at all.  By the end of the project, the Fijina population had so much to thank Saliot for because the man not only reinvented the scope of tourism in Fiji but also lavished new facilities that the project created for the local population.  This gave a radical boost to the Fijian economy on the overall level.

Even though Gerard Saliot aims at creating a new opportunity for the benefit of the nation yet his ideas are par revolutionary and are in no way less than a profitable venture. His vision of socialistic achievements has always been the driving force of his success.  Based on his free spirited attitude, Gerard Saliot has definitely enjoyed a great deal of popularity which is downright remarkable and is especially worth a mark.

He is regarded as the mentor who has created a whole lot of difference in the life of many people. But since success and failure come along therefore Gerard Saliot has experienced both sides of the coin and is today a more balanced man due to these experiences. It is his never dying passion that inspires people to think better and work out in a more humane manner.

The story of Natadola project and Louis’s link to it makes the entire description exceptionally awe-inspiring since the development encompasses a barren land which found an all new identity with the idea of Louis to make it an epitome of travel and tourism.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Secretive Deloitte Report Clears April Over Natadola Bay Project

The secretive Deloitte Sydney forensic audit committed by the Fiji National Provident Fund – FNPF - clears Louis Gerard Saliot and APRIL over the Natadola Bay Project

24th August 2011

The Board of the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) is refusing to release the Deloitte Forensic Audit Report made in 2010 to the public. The report which reportedly cost the FNPF members $1.5million cleared the previous developer APRIL and its founder Louis Gerard Saliot of any wrongdoing regarding FNPF’s investment in the Natadola project from June 2004 until March 2007. The military appointed FNPF Board, acting on instructions of their masters, unlawfully terminated APRIL’s contract as Project Managers and Project Developers and appointed Bryan Jacob and his co-conspirators Sanjay Kaba of HLK Jacob, both structural engineers in APRIL’s place.

The secret Report, dated 21 July 2010, was divided into the following sections regarding Natadola:
Investment funding;
Payments made to suppliers;
Term deposits made by FNPF;
Location of assets purchased;
FNPF governance procedures; and
Conflicts of interest.
Not all of these sections were relevant to Gerard Saliot and APRIL’s involvement in the Natadola project.

All payments made during the APRIL management were found to be in order. There were no wrong payments involving Gerard Saliot entities.

The Report made some findings that some appointments of consultants etc made during the period APRIL was the Development Manager were made without a fully transparent or public tender process. However, Deloitte noted that in every such case the actual appointment were made and confirmed by the relevant FNPF or project Board ie there was no evidence that APRIL had abused its position in relation to any such appointment.

In its investigation, Deloitte noted that FNPF had spent Fiji $350M on its Natadola investment instead of the F$240M budgeted by APRIL in November 2006.

Crucially, the Report also found that there was no basis or justification for the former chairman of the Natadola Bay project Felix Anthony’s assertion that significant savings of over $100 million would flow from the removal of APRIL in the development of Natadola...!

In its investigation, Deloitte drew up a long list of what it classified as ‘lower risk payments’. The Report, however, concluded that there were no payments in this category that involved APRIL entities. What about the payments relating to the Bures at Natadola? Again, the Report found that all these payments were in order, and there was no evidence at all of any inappropriate or improper invoicing, delivery or payment.

Moreover, APRIL also never abused its position in relation to appointments etc etc.etc..

The Report also notes that after APRIL’s termination, serious defect’s in FNPF’s processes arose and were not remedied. Importantly, no competent (or any) Development Manager was appointed, and no replacement for GL Lal auditor was made.

Deloitte governance findings concluded with a recommendation that a referral of FNPF’s practices be made to FICAC. FICAC subsequently visited FNPF and took away all of its Natadola records. It is not known what, if any, action has flowed from that. Up today no action has been reported....?

Finally none in this expensive forensic audit were adverse to Gerard Saliot and Felix Anthony and his cronies were

In conclusion this forensic audit is all great stuff for Louis Gerard Saliot and his reputation but unfortunately it will probably never see the light of day. It will also not help APRIL position at law in Fiji to get back his assets..

The best we could hope for is that local (Fiji) agitation for the release of the Deloitte Report will one day see all this being released and published. We wouldn’t hold our breath!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Socially Fertile Barren Land in Fiji

The concept of Natadola project was created and implemented by Louis Gerard Saliot, the CEO of two travel and leisure companies that have developed an international level across the period. Louis Gerard Saliot imagined a whole new Fijian vacationer lifestyle that involved pleasure from the splendid luxuries of being a visitor in Fiji while simultaneously encountering the well based lifestyle of the place. Saliot incorporated the very best in this travel and leisure project however he trapped to the earth and only exercised matching resources for the Fijian area without grabbing away any of their appearance under the project conditions.

By the end of the Natadola project, Fiji had so much to thank Gerard Saliot for. The man not only expanded the encounter of Fijian areas and travel and leisure possibilities by generously developing the best of features as an aspect of the project but also consequently developed a whole lot of job possibilities that introduced in a extreme increase to the Fijian economic climate as a whole.

Even though Gerard Saliot makes a unique chance of nationwide advantage in each and every project he performs yet the Natadola sea project was extremely developed. The best aspect about Gerard Saliot is that he envisions socialistic success rather than simply old success in each of his project. His totally free lively mind-set towards perform is absolutely amazing and can be well regarded for the reputation he legal courts these days.

The travel and leisure market regards him as a tutor. He is someone who has developed the change with his every shift and choice however great individuals great both success and breakdowns. The same can be said of Louis Gerard Saliot who has experienced both good and bad periods. Yet his never passing away interest towards perform is an exemption that individuals usually obtain motivation from. His existence is a advantage that cannot be neglected.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Louis Gerard Saliot And The Fiji Project

The Natadola marine project marked exceptions when a barren area was used to recreate the face of tourism in Fiji. Even today the people and the government of Fiji hold great regards towards this effort which potentially gave a great boost to their economy and employment scale.

The idea of Natadola marine project was conceived and executed by Louis Gerard Saliot, the CEO of two tourism organizations that have created a global mark across the time span. Louis Gerard Saliot envisioned a whole new Fijian tourist culture that could savor the luxuries of being a guest in Fiji while at the same time experience the well rooted culture of the place. Saliotincorporated the very best in this tourism venture however he stuck to the ground and only worked out complementing assets for the Fijian land without snatching away any of their originality under the project terms.

By the end of the Natadola marine project, Fiji had so much to thank Gerard Saliot for. The man not only redefined the face of Fijian lands and tourism opportunities by lavishly creating the best of facilities as a part of the project but also consequently created a whole lot of employment opportunities that brought in a radical boost to the Fijian economy as a whole.

Even though Gerard Saliot creates a special opportunity for national benefit in each and every project he undertakes yet the Natadola marine project was exceptionally designed. The best part about Gerard Saliot is that he envisions socialistic achievements rather than plain old success in each of his project. His free spirited attitude towards work is downright remarkable and can be well considered for the popularity he courts today.

The tourism industry regards him as a mentor. He is someone who has created the difference with his every move and decision however great people mint both success and failures. The same can be said of Louis Gerard Saliot who has witnessed both good and bad times. Yet his never dying passion towards work is an exception that people usually derive inspiration from. His presence is a boon that cannot be overlooked.

When Nations Get An All New Identity Under Louis Gerard Saliot

Tourism industry backs up on enthusiastic support and dedicated efforts. One such man who has successfully undertaken the same since the past many years is Louis Gerard Saliot the CEO of twin tourism project firms that function at a global scale covering various multi dollar projects that have redefined the success scale of this industry.

Louis Gerard Saliot with his extraordinary reputation and efforts towards the tourism industry has a well resonating presence that is globally acknowledged. His success stories are too many and eventhough he is French by origin yet every country he takes on linked to his projects turns into his motherland. It is because of his this attitude that every tourism project under him gets an all new life because he roots it to the cultural presence of the nation.

Instead of just furnishing materialistic results, Louis Gerard Saliot works out success by highlighting the nation’s natural wonders through his efforts.  One such attempt was the Natadola marine project which not only revolutionized the nation’s tourism base but also radically solved the employment issues by creating job opportunities for the inhabitants. Saliot has a very pure vision towards his achievements and the work he does. His free spirited attitude linked towards his work lets him see and create much more than anyone else. He is the source of motivation for people who work with him and also the same for those who know him or have heard about him. It is not because of the success Gerard Saliot holds that people know him for but primarily the attitude that he maintains towards his life, his achievements and his failures is something that draws everyone towards him.

A never die attitude along with creativity rooted to the core keeps Gerard Saliot at the top of  every attempt that he takes ahead. There is a lot linked to Gerard Saliot, things that make him the man he is. Yet if one had to define the strong willed character of Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot then the best words will be remarkably positive. He is absolutely a league apart the rest in every possible way.

Louis Gerard Saliot Casting Culture and Tourism in the Same Mold

In the world of leisure and hospitality one name that has formed a remarkable mark is Louis Gerard Saliot. The CEO of twin tourism linked organizations; Gerard Saliot has years of experience and strength under his belt and many victory feathers stuck to his hat. If some how you still haven’t realized the magnitude of his success in this field then the best example to site his unparalleled efforts will be the Natadola marine project of Fiji which consumed vast expanses of barren land for generating economy and tourism in the nation of Fiji. Both of these factors got him some real national appraise.

Saliot has covered a large number of projects linked to the tourism sector, most of which focus on creating avenues for the nation so that it is considered as a travelers hub spot. From luxury accommodations to golf courses and other luxury additions, Louis Gerard Saliot can redefine a nation’s tourism scale through his highly successful project efforts.

The fixedness with which he works and the determination he ingrains into each one of his project is what makes him absolutely remarkable. Gerard Saliot is full of life and vivacity to achieve even the uncertain and reshape the impossible into very much possible. His projects occupy barren lands and mint out so much profit that not even a cultivated land can furnish. Above that he is keen at benefitting the inhabitant around the place too by scoring them an employment opportunity. This means that Saliot’s presence is a boon for any country that is looking for major sources to boost its capital through foreign investment.

Louis Gerard Saliot is a free spirited man. His down to earth attitude earns him many friends and even though this list is free from people who envy him for his attitude towards work and life yet Gerard Saliot has proved his essence and integrity by fighting off some of the toughest odds that came amid his life and work. Work is passion for Saliot and every project that he takes up holds a mark of this passion irrespective of how big or small it is. All these reasons mark his appreciation and acknowledgement in the tourism industry.

Louis Gerard Saliot’s Efforts towards Redefining the Tourism Industry

A man who transforms barren into life and impossible into success; Louis Gerard Saliot is a legendary figure in the tourism project industry. With innumerable standing projects under him, Gerard Saliot has ample of experience and expertise to boast around without a second thought. Yet this great man keeps to a very earthy existence which full of passion and socialistic fervor.Even though fortune has paved a blissful way for him as the CEO of twin tourism project organizations yet his entire address lies towards the people around him.

Louis Gerard Saliot is globally recognized for his efforts however he is also well regarded for his exceptional way of working. Out of the many prominent projects he has undertaken, the Fiji project is absolutely one of a kind. Creating a great income source for the inhabitants and a rapid boost in the Fijian economy were two primal developments that came along with a project that was established on the barren grounds. Apart from that Saliot placed in the best of his inputs to highlight the cultural beauty of Fiji through his project that did not resort to materialistic additions and instead was rooted in the lands rich heritage.

All of this came at a time when Fiji was anxiously in need of something to back up on. Gerard Saliot introduced the best of tourism industry through this Natadola marine project which included the making of a golf course, superb accommodation facility and everything else that high class travelers require in terms of luxury. This development not only infused excitement in the Fijian tourism industry but it also infused a great lot of spirit in the entire country.

Even today when a tourism project is handed over to Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot his primary aim is to invest in the nation’s development as a tourism sector rather than investing in his very own success. His strategies and planning take little and deliver trifold so that the people who form a part of this project can cherish it as blessing for their country rather than a burden over their economy. Nothing can beat the spirit of this rationale leader not even his rivals.

Louis Gerard Saliot A Living Legend Of The Tourism Industry

Talking about tourism projects, Louis Gerard Saliot is the man who cannot be overlooked in this regard. With a highly resonating presence all across the globe, Gerard Saliot is unparalleled for the efforts and success he has minted out of each and every project. One of the most prominent works undertaken by him includes the Natadola marine project which was not a pure vision of success but it also greatly benefitted the people living around Fiji.Saliot is recognized for his free spirited socialistic bent even towards his work. The motivation with which he functions and the efforts he inputs into every project is absolutely remarkable. All of this can be marked as a reason behind his popularity and acknowledgement across the tourism industry.

With sole determination and fixedness, Gerard Saliotis a living example of impossible turning possible. The man attempts to use barren lands for his projects and out of it he generates ample opportunities for inhabitants of the place to develop and earn maximum profits out of their own earth. Driven with absolute passion and Gerard Saliot undertook the Natadola marine project which proved to be a boon for the people around. Not only did it boost the value and aesthetic features of the area but it also turned out as a lucrative means of income source for many. The project significantly boasted off the cultural heritage of Fiji and its true diversity in every spec.

The work ethics followed by Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot is absolutely a league apart. Even though he bases his efforts to mint out success yet his chief focus is to produce overall benefits for everybody linked to this project. Consequently he gets a chance to help millions through his creative ability. His projects mainly nurture the natural essence of a land instead of topping it with any artificial identity. Every step he takes towards the project is deeply rooted in the lands cultural heritage. The countless experience and expertise of Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot is the source of his triumphant dealing. Irrespective of the projects size or nature, Saliot treats each one alike with absolute passion and vivacity.

Louis Gerard Saliot - Nurturing Lands Across The Globe

Louis Gerard Saliot is a name that resonates well in the tourism industry. He is the man who has it all when a tourism project needs a driving force. His identity is well marked across global regions but the most of all in Fiji. His motivation and endeavor towards a remarkable cause has only added remarkable significance to his existence and popularity.

If determination and fixedness towards a cause can create success then Gerard Saliot is the living example of this practice. With various internationally acclaimed tourism projects, Gerad Saliot is not just a very successful man but he also a man of great honor for his support towards socialistic practices like the Natadola project which represent the redefined face of the natural wonder, Fiji. His unparalleled efforts towards the Natadola project not only brought a significant hike in the tourist culture of Fiji but it was also a primary reason behind a huge workforce’s employment. So Louis Gerard Saliot explored a way for the region to earn well through the tourism base being pulled into because of the Natadola marine resort.

Gerard Saliot practices exceptional work ethics and hence the story of Natadola marine resort’s development is absolutely one of a kind. The idea that Gerard Saliot introduced actually helped innumerable lives in a single go. He uses barren areas to cultivate the cultural significance of a place through his tourism projects and hence by this means create a whole new employment source. In Fiji, Saliot worked out a similar plan that helped many gain a stable source of income. The best part about his work is that his projects deliver the base appeal of a region rather than adding plain materialistic charm to it. Every tourism project undertaken by Mr. Gerard Saliot keenly nurtures the heritage that the land holds naturally and hence supports the inhabitants of the place.

Saliot’s years of experience and expertise in this field, triumphantly portray his way of dealing with the projects successfully. It does not matter how big or small the project is. The only thing that does is the attempt towards nurturing it.

Monday, 3 October 2011


Original Developer's Take on Natadola Saga

Natadola Original Developers Rebuts Allegation and Run Down of Natadola Project by Illegal Fiji Regime

The Vision Became a Project

The nation is following closely the controversy over the Natadola resort project. The project is financed by the Fiji National Provident Fund as an investment to benefit the members of the Fund. It has excellent potential to create good dividends for members, many jobs for Fiji people and provide a host of other contributions to economic growth. Our company, Asia Pacific Resort International Ltd (APRIL), and its chief executive officer, Mr Gerard Saliot, are the founders of the project.

It was Gerard Saliot idea; the idea became a vision. Finally, after 10 years, it reached the planning and construction stage. Approximately $7 million was spent by Gerard Saliot from 1994 to 2004 to bring the project to the point where it was possible for the FNPF to participate. As a result of our connections and efforts, top ranking international brand name tourism operators such as InterContinental Hotels Group, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and IMG (International Management Group, founded by Mark McCormack and Arnold Palmer) decided to become part of the Natadola Resort. We have also assembled a group of world-class consultants and advisers to ensure that the development meets the highest standards. APRIL works closely with all these professionals.

It was through Gerard Saliot that Fiji’s star international golfer, Vijay Singh, agreed to design and develop a golf course at Natadola. Mr Singh’s ambition is to create a course which is a “masterpiece in my homeland”. Gerard Saliot proposed a marketing strategy that envisaged Mr Singh as Natadola’s “Ambassador to the World”.

Fijian landowners at Natadola have expressed their strong support for APRIL. Over many years, our company won their confidence through patient dialogue and explanation about the rewards the resort would bring. We have made sure that from the start of work on the resort, the landowners have been given opportunities to earn an income. Additional village amenities have been provided. Lease money has been agreed for the areas to be developed. Substantial amounts have already been paid directly to the landowners or have been made available for their benefit. Landowners say that even at this early stage the project has transformed their lives for the better.

The FNPF’s decision to become involved in Natadola in 2004 followed an intensive six months study of all aspects of the scheme. People of integrity and with professional and commercial experience were involved in this.

APRIL had approached FNPF as a possible lender for the project. It was the FNPF itself that proposed full participation, not only as lender, but as an investor and majority shareholder. The FNPF also made its involvement conditional on APRIL being retained as project developer and manager.

Natadola gave the FNPF the opportunity it was seeking to increase its investment in tourism, the fastest growing sector of the economy. This would be consistent with the FNPF’s objective of providing strong and secure returns to members by diversifying its investment portfolio. Natadola, and its attractive commercial potential, would help the FNPF to achieve these goals. The Fund made the legal changes necessary for it to participate in the project in a manner consistent with its governing legislation.

The business success of the Denarau Resort in Nadi is an example of what can be achieved in integrated tourism development through substantial investment and experienced management. The Natadola master plan proposes up to fi ve hotels, hundreds of luxury villas and residential sections along with many other amenities. Eventually thousands of jobs will be created for Fiji people. Construction work began at the end of 2005, concentrating initially on the InterContinental and the Vijay Singh golf course.

The project was on course for successful completion of its first stage. As is normal with such a large and complex development, there were some delays. From time to time technical issues also arose. But action was taken to deal with these in line with established professional and legal methods.

Questionable Decisions
Recently, questionable actions and decisions have been taken by certain FNPF-appointed directors of companies associated with the project. These companies are Natadola Land Holdings Ltd (NLH), FNPF Investments Ltd (FIL) and Natadola Bay Resort Ltd (NBRL).

Their actions and decisions have been disastrous for the Natadola project. They have effectively halted a lot of the work and thrown the project into chaos. The delays caused are adding to costs. Legal arrangements with consultants and contractors have been reached and payments to them are in default. They are not being remunerated in accordance with their contracts. COTEBA, the construction manager, and a leading European company, has not received any payment since last August. It has expressed concern publicly about the suspension of its payments. It says this was done without “any justification or explanation”. Heritage Golf (Fiji) Ltd, the contractor for the Vijay Singh Golf Course, stopped work when it was not being paid. Some of the people employed on the course construction have lost their jobs.

All this is creating additional costs. It is estimated, for instance, that the interruption to the Golf Course contract could involve additional expenditure of well over $2 million, just for February
and March. As a result of these and other contractual breaches, FNPF is also exposed to the very real risk of costly and damaging legal action at the expense of Fund members.

Vijay Singh has issued a personal statement protesting strongly about what is happening. He has indicated he may withdraw from the project if APRIL and Gerard Saliot are removed from it. This would be a major blow to the resort, and to the re-building of Fiji’s reputation as a stable, reliable and attractive location for investment.

Landowners, who have leased 1500 acres of their land for the project, are protesting about the actions of the NBRL Board.

Unfounded Accusations

Many unfounded accusations have been made against APRIL. As mentioned already, we are the Natadola project founder, the initial financier and developer. We continue legally to be project managers.

The accusations have come mainly from Mr Felix Anthony, the chairman of Natadola Bay Resort Ltd (NBRL) and HLK Jacob, a local engineering firm. Allegations are being made that the Natadola scheme has been mismanaged. This is part of a plan to discredit APRIL and push it out of the project. APRIL has offered many times since December to provide the new NBRL board, led by Mr Anthony, with a full presentation on the project. But these offers have been rejected.

We believe there are a number of forces and issues at work in this campaign against APRIL. Some of these may be political and associated with the affiliations of Mr Anthony and Mr Daniel Urai, another NBRL director. Others are connected to commercial rivalry, ambition and resentment. HLK Jacob in particular has been trying for some time to remove APRIL from the project. It is still working behind the scenes to damage APRIL’s reputation and cast doubts on its contribution to the project.

We feel that the repeatedly demonstrated lack of commercial knowledge and experience by some of those against us is also a factor. For instance, a number of very unprofessional inquiries have been received from FNPF Investments Ltd (FIL) and FNPF. Some of them were made in an aggressive and provocative manner, and others demanded information that had already been made available – often many times. The inquiries have conclusively shown that those making them:
● Have no real grasp of the project or its complexities;
● Have not bothered to read or try to understand materials which have been provided to them either during the course of the project or in response to their inquiries; and
● Have no basic understanding of the procedures, rights and obligations set out in the project’s various contracts and agreements – even though FNPF entities are parties to them!

The approach taken by Mr Anthony and Mr Urai also reflects a disappointingly poor grasp of how business operates. It appears they too do not fully understand the project.

APRIL - A Reputable Company

Our company totally rejects the allegations against it. APRIL is committed to properly meeting its responsibilities at Natadola. It abides by its contractual obligations, and takes very seriously the professional and proper performance of those obligations. It practises full accountability on the expenditure of funds. All payments to it and other companies are fully documented. APRIL does not have any authority to make any payments by itself.
The accountability process includes:
● Approval of contracts by respective company boards before signature;
● Approval of related expenses as part of the operating budget presented to each board meeting;
● Approval of payment by cheque with the signatures of the CEOs of NBRL and Natadola Land Holdings Ltd (NLH), plus a board director of one of the companies;

Amounts above $50,000 require the signatures of two of the FNPF-nominated directors. Regular and detailed reports (draft financial accounts, updated budgets) are made to the boards of Natadola Bay Resort Ltd (NBRL) and to its associate company, Natadola Land Holdings Ltd (NLH). These companies are controlled by directors representing FNPF and FNPF Investments Ltd (FIL).

Draft financial accounts are reviewed independently and presented by the accounting firm G. Lal& Co (formerly Deloitte) the project auditors.

Disregard for Legal Contracts
On March 15th, Mr Felix Anthony claimed publicly that Natadola Bay Resort Ltd (NBRL) had terminated its contract with APRIL as project manager. He also made unjustifiable comments about the money paid to APRIL.

Mr Urai appeared at first to have associated himself with comments by Mr Anthony on the contract issue. In APRIL’s view, this was a reckless disregard of the law of contracts by representatives of Fiji’s biggest financial institution, the FNPF. APRIL is, therefore, taking the appropriate legal steps to protect its position.

Respect for commercial law and contracts is a fundamental part of a country’s investment climate. The rule of law is a paramount principle in good governance and for the protection of citizens
and the effective operation of commercial activities. Without it, confidence is undermined, and investors are unlikely to commit their funds.

Mr Anthony and Mr Urai have sent an extremely damaging message to the business community here and overseas at a time when Fiji desperately needs investment. What they are saying, in effect, is that it is acceptable to scrap contracts without following the legal procedures.

A Confusing Approach
Events of March 14th and 15th 2007 underline the confusing and changing course adopted by NBRL.
The directors of APRIL were invited to attend a March 14th meeting with members of the FNPF board. When they arrived at the meeting Mr Anthony emphasised that it was not, in fact, a meeting of the FNPF board. It was instead a meeting with the board of NBRL.

After discussion of some technical issues, Mr Anthony raised the legal problems experienced by Gerard Saliot in Monaco approximately 18 years ago, for which he received a two-year prison sentence. Certain options were then put to us. The following morning, as agreed, representatives of our company met with Mr Urai and other members of the boards and managements of NBRL and FNPF.
It was decided there would be an agreed Memorandum of Understanding about future arrangements at Natadola. This would address the concerns of NBRL and APRIL. It would be in the form of a variation of the Development Management Agreement to reflect a new structure for the project management team. APRIL was to continue with its role. The NBRL lawyer, who was at the meeting, was requested to prepare a draft document to present to us.

We were completely surprised, later in the day, by a sudden reversal of position by Mr Anthony. He abandoned NBRL’s earlier agreement to finalise a Memorandum of Understanding to cover on-going involvement by APRIL. He then purported publicly to cancel APRIL’s contract and at the same time made an announcement to the media about GerardSaliot’s legal problems in Monaco some 18 years ago.

APRIL Remains As Project Manager
In terms of the law, APRIL is still the manager and developer of the resort. It is doing everything possible in the current very difficult circumstances to meet its responsibilities. This includes making overseas funds available to finance some of the operations of the project. APRIL is doing this because payments from the FNPF have been halted.

Construction of the InterContinental hotel continues. But, as a consequence of the current situation, there is no supervision at this point by COTEBA, the construction manager, and the consulting architects. This is because COTEBA has not been paid; neither has the architect.

There has been no legal termination of our contract. The contract contains procedures covering disputes and grievances. We have indicated in writing that we wish to start the dispute resolution process in an attempt to identify and, where relevant, address any legitimate grievances that FNPF may have. But there has been no appropriate response from NBRL. This suggests that the company, which is a subsidiary of the FNPF, is not prepared to follow the proper legal procedures.

More Confusion
In the meantime, there is confusion within NBRL about the position it has taken. Mr Anthony and Mr Urai are contradicting one another. Mr Anthony talks about the cancellation of our contract. But in a newspaper report, Mr Daniel Urai distanced himself from this. He did not mention APRIL’s contract. Instead, he claimed that APRIL had been “removed by legislation”. Mr Urai should explain what he means by this. What legislation is he referring to?

He then went on to say that the Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau (FTIB) had cancelled APRIL’s “licence” over alleged failure to make disclosures about Mr Saliot. We stress, however, that APRIL did respond accurately in its investment application to the FTIB. There was no misrepresentation. It is not clear what “licence” Mr Urai refers to. APRIL has no licence from FTIB.

But it does possess a foreign investment certificate. If this is what Mr Urai is referring to, then he has committed a serious and blatant misrepresentation. There was further confusion on Wednesday, March 21st 2007, when the FNPF’s chief investment officer indicated to Mr KeniDakuidreketi, APRIL’s project director, that the APRIL contract was still intact.

Serious Misrepresentation

HLK Jacob, a Fiji engineering consultancy involved with the Natadola Project, has made serious allegations against APRIL. This company has a number of grievances, which are reflected in its attitude towards APRIL. It continues to privately spread misinformation about our company. It is attempting to smear our reputation. People sympathetic to APRIL are keeping us informed about HLK Jacob’s attempts to undermine our business.

HLK Jacob was part of a group that made a bid for the design of the project. The group was unsuccessful. HLK Jacob continues to believe it should have been included in the design team. There is now a claim from the FNPF that it has appointed HLK Jacob as project managers. But there is no legal basis for this.

HLK’s relationship with the building contractor for the InterContinental Hotel is far too close for it to be able to exercise the proper and necessary independent overview of the construction works. This is still APRIL’s view.

In our view, allegations by HLK Jacob about construction problems were a serious misrepresentation. The criticisms it made were not supported by leading engineers.
The Holmes Consulting Group, a leading New Zealand firm of structural engineers, conducted a detailed review of the resort’s InterContinental Hotel, now under construction. This followed issues raised by COTEBA, as the Natadola Project construction manager. These issues were not raised by HLK Jacob as it claimed.

Holmes Consulting Group has accepted full responsibility for the contents of its report.
The Holmes review confirmed that the InterContinental designs complied with the relevant New Zealand codes of practice and, by reference, to the National Building Code of Fiji.

A specific technical approach had been used to minimize earthquake damage. A few minor modifications were suggested by Holmes Consulting to lessen the damage risk. The cost of this was expected to be small and well worth the investment, an investment that FNPF may not even have to pay for. The modifications only applied to work still to be done. It was not necessary to undertake the very expensive option suggested by HLK Jacob of demolishing large parts of the work already completed. This costly recommendation raises questions about HLK Jacob’s approach.

Conflict of Interest
APRIL was very concerned about moves to give HLK Jacob authority over the project. This created disturbing issues of conflict of interest.
HLK Jacob has a longstanding and close relationship with Northern Projects Fiji (NPF), the building contractor for the InterContinental Hotel. In fact, HLK Jacob worked directly for NPF on the Sofitel hotel at Denarau. It is currently working for NPF on a large construction project in Suva.

This relationship between the two companies would make it impossible for HLK Jacob to independently certify payments to NPF as the Natadola contractor, and manage the project as the client’s representative. This is clearly not good governance.

Building Contractor’s Performance

APRIL has also expressed its concern to NBRL about the performance of Northern Projects Fiji, the main building contractor. This company was chosen after a number of tenderers withdrew. The appointment was made by the Board of NBRL, despite a recommendation by APRIL to re-tender. The FNPF felt that calling for new tenders would mean a delay in the construction of the hotel and lead to a loss of revenue. NPF, therefore, became the contractor.

In APRIL’s judgement, NPF lacks financial and technical strength. In view of this, it is necessary to exercise particularly close supervision of NPF’s work to protect FNPF’s investment in the project. APRIL and COTEBA have been providing that close supervision. The aim of this is to ensure that any potential difficulties created by insufficient experience by the contractor in the construction of luxury hotels, do not compromise the results expected by FNPF, APRIL and InterContinental Hotels. This applies especially to the maintenance of on-site quality supervision. Supervising the contractor’s performance is one of the most demanding aspects of the project’s first stage.

COTEBA, the construction manager, is very much aware of these matters, and has, therefore, exercised extremely close supervision of the building works.

An example of this involves additional variation claims by NPF. The last variation claims to date totalled $13.5 million. But COTEBA felt it could only certify $3.85 million of these.
NPF has had difficulty in correctly updating the initial contract programmed. COTEBA, therefore, asked its own head office technical department to provide a senior programme engineer to work with the contractor to finalise a correct schedule of works. COTEBA was not obliged to provide this assistance, but it did so in the interest of the project. Without this support, it would have been difficult to establish real planned completion dates and to avoid claims of extension of time and extra costs this involves.

APRIL’s Team Professional Capabilities
APRIL’s principals and executives are highly qualified and experienced. Hong Kong, with offices in Singapore and Indonesia. We provide comprehensive project development and management services to the hospitality business in the Asia Pacific region. A recent assignment was preparation of a tourism development plan for the Government of Indonesia. This included proposals for diversifying into new destination resort projects, to complement the existing vacation industry in Bali. Our work on this was financed by a French Government grant negotiated by Euro Asia Management Group.
APRIL in Fiji has put together a team of highly experienced professionals.

It is led by:

Gerard Saliot, who has an extensive international background in sales and marketing and the hospitality industry. He spent 15 years employed by Unilever in Africa and then joined a leading property development company in France. In 1993 Gerard Saliot moved to Asia and founded the Euro Asia Management Group with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta and later in Fiji.Gerard Saliot was the initiator and project director of the NationalTourism Development Master Plan for the Indonesian Government developed from1995 to1998 at the same time he promoted the development the integrated resort in Fiji at Natadola.

Robert E. Sidi, group senior vice president administration and finance, is a former banker, with more than 25 years experience in finance and hotel development in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Jacques H. Quibel, group senior vice president/technical adviser is a civil engineer, who has worked for many years in construction in the Asia Pacific region.

KeniDakuidreketi, Natadola project director, has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in property management. He was a founder of Rolle Hillier Parker in Fiji and has been involved with large-scale property development. He previously worked with the Native Land Trust Board and as director of valuation for Harrison Grierson Consultants.

Jerome Fillioux, the Natadola technical project manager, has worked for more than 15 years on luxury hotel development schemes in the Middle East and Europe.

Prayitno, from Indonesia, is site engineer, civil engineering. His experience covers major high quality hotel construction. He has been an acting site project manager in Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya.

Mr BerenadoVunibobo, is a director of APRIL. Mr Vunibobo, a prominent citizen of Fiji, and former minister and diplomat, has a distinguished record of public service. From 1973 to 1976, he was permanent secretary for public works, with management responsibility for a team of 15 architects and 40 civil, mechanical and water supply engineers.

RatuIsoaGavidi, formerly a senior civil servant, diplomat and head of the Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Board, is chief executive officer of Natadola Land Holdings, nominated by APRIL.
Difficulties Can Be Resolved

The Natadola Project is important for the Fiji National Provident Fund and its members and the tourism industry. It has the potential to be a model project of its kind, delivering good returns to the local community at Natadola and to the national economy. The current difficulties can be resolved if the correct procedures are followed in accordance with contracts, documentation and agreements. If all parties ensure that they fulfil their responsibilities in a timely and professional manner, Fiji will have a world-class integrated resort, of which the country can be proud.

Project relationships and the project itself have been seriously damaged by recent happenings. Our attempts at negotiation so far, have produced nothing but emotional, inaccurate, evasive, and misleading comments and responses. But APRIL is ready to consider all legal and viable options for future development at Natadola.

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•    The above rebuttal by APRIL, original developers and project manager of Natadola, was after Daniel Urai and Felix Anthony were making serious allegations to substantiate their kicking them from the Project.

•    To ask about the devaluation of $300 plus million off the value of the Natadola Assets in FNPF's balance sheet. I think Urai and Anthony has a lot to answer for.

•    When will we get that KPMG report on the mismanagement of FNPF in 2007 that they commissioned straight after the coup to substantiate other serious corruption issue they had against SDL Government? Till this date, that report has not seen the light of day.

•    We also need to know the details of the $1 million in directors claim they and other directors made in 12 months of working as directors of FNPF. Most of these were paying for personal travel, entertainment and mobile phone bills.

•    So you still think Felix and Urai are Workers/ Reps????

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Lifeline Of Tourism Project Industry - Louis Gerard Saliot

If determination is the stepping stone towards fortune and success then Louis Gerad Saliot is the man who has very well worked as per this belief. The CEO of two tourism project firms is well known for what he has done across the globe. Not only has he successfully created a whole new tourism base across many nations but he has also helped millions gain a better life.

Gerard Saliot has single handedly worked out ideas that have created a potential difference towards many people who were looking for an aid. By investing in nations that desperately require foreign resources, Gerard Saliot is like a boon presence.

His various tourism projects speak of his endeavors and some particularly have made a mark that remains unforgettable. This includes the Natadola Marine project which was established over the barren lands of Fiji. Louis Gerard Saliot turned impossible into possible by carving out a whole new face of the Fijian landscape. His efforts turned into an opportunity for the inhabitants who can now earn a stable income because of his idea. The project also came as a boost to the tourism base of the nation which was initially very limited. Now the Natadola marine project welcomes the Fijian travelers with luxurious facilities such as a swimming pool, golf course, great accommodations and much more one usually looks for in a travel hub. A large work force was employed to keep the project running and this came as a lucrative source for the natives. Apart from that the project boosted the aesthetic and cultural value of Fiji. Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot works on every project with absolute passion. Hence for him the cultural diversity of a place matters more than plain materialistic additions. Therefore the root of his project is based on the cultural essence of Fiji which is very unique and magnetic.

Louis Gerard Saliot has many years of experience and expertise therefore his work strategy is very much based on the experience he has grasped over the years. Consequently he stands as a league apart unlike any other. Every project he works on is deeply built on his work ethics which are exceptionally defined towards global welfare. It does not matter how extensive or small the project is, Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot gives it his best effort so that it comes ahead with flying colors and to the best of results unlike any other.

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The Man With A Dream - Defining Louis Gerard Saliot

Louis Gerard Saliot holds a remarkable identity on the Fiji soil. His endeavor and overall motivation towards a cause has today brought him a name that is no less significant than any other popular face. Louis Gerard Saliot is the pillar of development and progress, counting down the various projects he has worked on with thorough determination and fixedness.

His tourism projects are internationally acclaimed. Even though his success stands unmatched and uncounted yet some of his primary projects with a socialistic cause include the Natadola marine resort which has redefined the face of Fiji and its natural wonder. His efforts have not only brought a prominent hike in the tourist grounds of Fiji but they have also provided employment to a large workforce in Fiji.

The story linked to the development of Natadola marine resort is absolutely exceptional since it is linked to various landowners and Fijian workers who have earned a whole new life because of Gerard Saliot’s idea. The primal concept of Louis Gerard Saliotbehind each and every tourism project undertaken by him is to preserve and nurture the cultural heritage of the land and to also directly benefit the people associated with it. For Mr. Gerard Saliot it is more about the heart of the place that attracts the tourist then its materialistic identity.

Louis Gerard Saliot gets his experience from years of expertise in the tourism linked projects. His triumphant way of dealing with every big and small project can be attributed to the hardships and attempts he has given into this field. After covering all the difficult roads, Louis Gerard Saliot is the man who can either be envied or admired for his extensive list of achievements. Well, whatever it might be but he sure is an inspiration in the truest terms.

Gerard Saliot’s affiliation with the hospitality industry and his tourism development inputs are one of a kind because he tries to cultivate the barren lands for the best of utilization. Overcoming many major hurdles, Louis Gerard Saliot is an exceptional winner in the face of a competition struck industry which aims at nothing but profit.

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