Friday, 24 August 2012

Fiji redefines tourism with Gerard Saliot

Fiji is not a very advanced land as far as global assets are concerned. The place is gradually opening up to the travel and tour industry but a major development was marked by Gerard Louis Saliot who recreated the face of Fiji on the travel and tour front.

Saliot is the CEO of Euro Asia group which is the primary body offering multiple services for the tourism and hospitality industry. As part of the project development plan Euro Asia works on resort development, hotel development and also golf, marine as well as residential estates.

Louis Gerard Saliot is the man who successfully executed the Natadola Marine Project in Fiji for the growth and development of people all across the land. Not only did Saliot mint a great earning source for the residents but he also re-established the presence of Fiji on the world map as an international tourist’s destination. A Fijian tourist could now savor the luxuries that only a great guest in Fiji would do at the time of experience to this cultural land.  The main aim of Saliot was to incorporate a part to the venture that could be well established on the land that Fiji is and nothing materialistic at all.  By the end of the project, the Fijina population had so much to thank Saliot for because the man not only reinvented the scope of tourism in Fiji but also lavished new facilities that the project created for the local population.  This gave a radical boost to the Fijian economy on the overall level.

Even though Gerard Saliot aims at creating a new opportunity for the benefit of the nation yet his ideas are par revolutionary and are in no way less than a profitable venture. His vision of socialistic achievements has always been the driving force of his success.  Based on his free spirited attitude, Gerard Saliot has definitely enjoyed a great deal of popularity which is downright remarkable and is especially worth a mark.

He is regarded as the mentor who has created a whole lot of difference in the life of many people. But since success and failure come along therefore Gerard Saliot has experienced both sides of the coin and is today a more balanced man due to these experiences. It is his never dying passion that inspires people to think better and work out in a more humane manner.

The story of Natadola project and Louis’s link to it makes the entire description exceptionally awe-inspiring since the development encompasses a barren land which found an all new identity with the idea of Louis to make it an epitome of travel and tourism.

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